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What Are The Different Title IX Cases?

Title IX
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A school is where all students must be treated equally regardless of their cultural background, financial status, gender, race, and appearance. Many concerning factors are taken into account so that it serves as a toxic-free environment for growing students. 

Under the Title IX law, any school that receives federal financial assistance should not encourage sex-based discrimination at any circumstance, including sports programs, cultural events, inter-competitions, or any club events where students are most likely to participate, according to

If a student gets accused of gender-based discrimination, he can get legal help from a title ix student defense lawyer who will build a robust defense and fight for the case. Click here for more information. 

Here are some of the different title IX cases:

  1. Discrimination during selection

A student gets admission to a particular school based on their past academic performance and relevant skills requirements. However, if gender is placed as a reason for not selecting or giving admission to a student, it may be called out to the court under Title IX.

  1. Grade evaluation

A student’s exam paper or practical performance should be evaluated only based on their performance in the desired exam. The teacher should not predetermine specific grades based on a student’s gender. Similarly, a grade evaluation should be done honestly.

  1. Discipline

All schools teach discipline in various ways with proper instructions and guidance, but it should not be limited to a single-gender. Both genders should be equally treated and advised to follow specific disciplinary measures. If not, it can be considered an issue and reported to the court.

  1. Workload

There should not be an imbalanced workload on the students. For instance, if a teacher gives assignments to their students, all students must receive the same amount of workload/assignments. Hence, a teacher is advised to follow standard protocol on equality so that they do not perform actions that may result in a Title IX.

Therefore, Title IX is a legal action that can be strictly punishable by law if the discrimination in a school setting is found to be based on gender/sex. It can majorly impact the school’s reputation and create complications in the accused student’s potential future. 

To avoid such trouble, an attorney can help through the case with his legal support by offering the essential student guidance on securing the case legally. Additionally, the attorney can provide legal assistance on the next step, so you do not commit any mistake to harm your case. 

Some violations of Title IX:

  • Sexual harassment. 

Verbal, written, or physical harassment of a person based on their sex in various forms, such as degrading stereotypical remarks, sexist comments, non-consensual physical contact, demanding sexual favors, pornography, and bullying, violates Title IX. 

  • Sexual assault on campus. 

When a person is forced into performing sexual activities without their consent, it is considered sexual assault. This includes groping and rape. 

  • Stalking. 

When a person constantly keeps surveilling someone against their will, it is considered stalking. 

  • Relationship violence. 

When a person that is currently or was in a former relationship is experiencing emotional and/or physical abuse from their partner, it is determined to be relationship violence. 

Depending on the violation, the consequences involve written or oral warnings, changing campuses, disciplinary charges, suspension from the institute for a while, expulsion, losing scholarships, and revocation of the degree. These penalties severely impact the accused’s life since most of them show up on their permanent records. They might be unable to seek admission in another educational institute, delay attaining their degree, and face unemployment. Criminal charges result in jail time and are possible if the case is taken to local law enforcement, according to Bustle. They are also shunned by society and experience psychological damage such as depression, stress and anxiety. This is why it is essential to hire a Title IX student defense attorney to create defense strategies after assessing your situation and offer you reliable legal advice and guidance.

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