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What Are the Different Types of Poké Balls?

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Most people know Poké Balls to be simple red and white balls for capturing and holding wild Pokémon. However, there are actually 27 varieties of Poké Balls out there for trainers to find. Let’s talk about some of those, so you know what’s available.

Poké Ball– This basic ball has the iconic red and white look, and it’s the most common type of Poké Ball.

Great Ball– This is an upgraded version of the basic Poké Ball. It’s a little better and a little more powerful.

Ultra Ball– This ball is twice as good at catching Pokémon and holding them compared to a regular Poké Ball.

Master Ball– You won’t find this one very easily, and in fact it is very rare, but it always catches its Pokémon. That makes it the best of the simple Poké Balls.

Safari Ball– You’ll only be able to use this ball in the Safari Zone, and that makes it a little tougher to catch Pokémon because of the strict rules in that zone.

Level Ball– As you level up, you may have more success with the Level Ball, since it does a better job of catching Pokémon as your level outpaces their own.

Lure Ball– Are you trying to catch some Pokémon by fishing? This is one of the best Poké Balls to use for that particular method of catching.

Moon Ball– This ball’s power and effect actually become more powerful if the Pokémon you’re trying to catch uses a Moon Stone to evolve.

Friend Ball– Are you tired of Pokémon not being friendly towards you when you catch them? Try the Friend Ball, which makes Pokémon a lot more friendly once you’ve captured them.

Love Ball– To increase the power of your ball with Pokémon opposite gender, try using the Love Ball. That’s where it excels, says Fandom.

Heavy Ball– This ball gets a catch rate boost with those heavier Pokémon.

Fast Ball– When you’re struggling to catch those Pokémon that run away from you when you try to catch them, pull this one out, since it works best with fleeing Pokémon.

Timer Ball– When you encounter a wild Pokémon, if you wait a while to catch them, this Poké Ball will become even more powerful.

Premier Ball– This ball is distinguished by its white appearance, and you’re gifted one whenever you buy 10 or more Poké Balls at the same time.

Repeat Ball– If you’re collecting a Pokémon you already have in your PokéDex, try this ball that gets more powerful when you collect Pokémon like that.

These are just some of the Poké Balls you can find in the game, so keep looking to discover them all.

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