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What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Neon Sign?

LED neon signs are a modern and versatile alternative to traditional glass neon signs. They have gained popularity in recent years for their energy efficiency, durability, and flexibility in design. Neon signs illuminates your world and bring sparkle to rooms, businesses and events. Deciding on what type of signs to buy is not cumbersome when a buyer needs one. A number of main key points should be considered before buying, to assist you achieve the exquisite design.

Why do you need the Neon Signs?

Knowing the key purpose of the neon signs marks the beginning of your selection journey. Identifying the reason for the acquisition will make it easy to understand what message you want to convey. Custom neon sign give a direct meaning and satisfaction according to your preferences. You can always mold the designs to specific shape and size. 

Neon signs basically the first thing to capture someone’s eye in a room or an event. A birthday party or a wedding reception requires a neon sign that is heartfelt and welcoming with a captivating eye striking colors. A business advert on the other end requires a warm but vibrant color that displays the message that invites customers to your event. 

Is the budget pocket friendly?

The amount of money set aside for the purchase of the neon signs represent a huge aspect in selecting choices. Carefully consider putting aside considerable money for a good quality neon sign that typically lasts you for as long as you intend it to. Companies deliver various designs, shapes, sizes and colors each with their prices.

Each company advertises rendering to their specs for example; Yellowpop’s LED neons don’t break, don’t heat and are energy efficient. Naturally find the precise specifications needed and is appealing to you and allow them carry out some tests to ensure they are working properly before purchasing. Fondly remember to have a capital budget for transport systems, installation services and management costs.

What Design do you want?

Always select a neon sign that compliments the design of your tastes and displays the words assigning to the purpose. Choose the shape, size, font and design you want presenting with to the theme of your event. For example if the design belongs to a corporate event with a specific company theme, make sure there is matches to the corresponding color for the most satisfactory effect and to avoid color blocking. Choosing a font that pops uniquely and is easy to read also matters.

Where will the Neon Sign be placed?

Identify where you wish your neon sign to be placed if it should lean or hung in a wall. The LED neon should be proportional to the space set aside for installation. Custom neon signs are appropriate since they can be designed assigning to the specifications of where they will be positioned. Neon signs are delicate, so you need to identify a secure way to transport it to the installation area.

Who will install the Neon Sign?

Safety installation of the neon signs should be considered. Find wiring services to establish it if the company you purchased from does not provide any professionals. Ensuring the neon signs are compatible to the source of electricity in the venue remain a key factor to check. The signs should also be able to conserve energy and last long.

Yellowpop’s LED neon signs are easy to install, Screws are rendered unnecessary in this context, as an alternative solution presents itself in the form of 3M Command strips. They’re also energy efficient as our CertiLED™ technology lasts up to 100,000 hours.

LED neon pieces are 80% more efficient than traditional neon and only transform 5% of their energy into heat, so you can turn your piece on whenever you want to.

When do you need the Neon Signs?

Neon signs made for events should be placed few days before the event to prevent rush hour installations. Custom neon signs can take time to make so you should place an order early before your occasion. Enquiring if the company selling provides warranty or repair services in case of damage. Good planning will aid to realize when to make a purchase. 

The summarized aspects above will give the information necessary to buy a neon sign. If each point is observed you will not be disappointed and it will encourage receive of the signs desired giving to your tastes and preferences. The most appealing and unique creations matching your design will be gained.

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