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What Makes the Perfect Medical Screen?

The Medical sector is broad and shows many different sectors, all of which require screening in some shape or form. For privacy, vaccinations, medical emergencies, or even social distancing.

Whatever the purpose may be, there’s a feature that is a must have and that’s the easy clean feature. Hospitals, wards and a doctor’s surgery are to name a few that provide a safe and clean environment for both the staff and the patient.

Medical spaces are usually very sterile and need high levels of hygiene to meet the health and safety regulations. Laminate and anti-bacterial room dividers are the perfect addition to any medical space, and here’s why!


Portable, freestanding and desktop dividers with an anti-bacterial finish are the king of all medical screens. Medical sectors need to limit bacteria, infections and the passing of germs, and the anti-bacterial screening ticks all the right boxes.

Our anti-bacterial material has been treated, and that’s the difference between this fabric and the laminate finish. The treated fabric is a PU coated vinyl and stunts the growth of bacteria and fungal.

The anti-bacterial fabric is REACH compliant (details here), resistant to blood and urine and can be cleaned.

Due to the sanitised technology, tough cleaning with strong sprays and substances aren’t required. All that’s needed is warm soapy water to remove any marks and the anti-bacterial feature will work its magic.

What’s more, the fabric selection works great to add colour on to a ward or medical space.

Gloss Laminate

Laminate is a friend to any medical department due to the versatility and clean aesthetic. A white gloss finish adds a clean, fresh clinical feel but not limited to usage.

White gloss laminate accepts drywipe pens, which could come in useful for doctors & nurses to make patient notes. Or on the flip side, could be great for games and scribbles in a children’s ward.

Unlike the treated anti-bacterial fabric, the white gloss laminate isn’t treated but you can use chlorine and bleach based products to wipe clean. The easy clean finish is designed to be cleaned and sanitised thoroughly.

Portable Gloss Laminate Screens

Supplied with the same high quality, high pressure laminate (HPL), the portable office screen doesn’t disappoint.

The portable aspect of the screen is self-explanatory but it’s essentially a screen with wheels. The portability of a screen increases flexibility and versatility, and in a fast-paced medical environment this could be just what’s required.

Moving from department to department is easier than ever, with the light weight, folding partition which slimline panels. If the divider is needed in an emergency, the design is quick to use and manoeuvre.

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