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What Makes This Company the Netflix of Cinema

Img Source - NME

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many aspects of life, including how we travel, work, and even interact with each other.

It has forced changes big and small to entertainment as well. Now people think twice before entering a cinema hall full of strangers, because of the recent Covid 19 outbreak.

But companies like Book The Cinema have got a perfect solution for this issue, and are helping people enjoy their time in cinemas like never before.

Book The Cinema is being called the “Netflix of Cinema”, because it allows people to watch their favourite movies with their loved ones, who they invite to any one of the 70 plus cinema locations across the UK.

With their ‘rent a cinema experience’, you can invite as many people as you’d like to a cinema hall to enjoy the movie together. The company offers a tailored movie watching experience that you will not find anywhere else.

The following points highlight how Book The Cinema is improving the cinema experience in this post-pandemic era.

Book Any Cinema

Book The Cinema allows you to select any cinema from their list. There are more than 70 cinemas for you to choose from across the UK.

It means there is no need to travel for hours to reach a cinema to watch you’re chosen movie.

Select Your Favourite Movie From an Extensive Movie Database

Want to watch your favourite classic movie, or a new release? Select a movie from the extensive movie database of Book The Cinema, and make your movie watching experience completely personalised.

Bring as Many Guests as the Cinema Screen Will Hold…

You can arrange a cinema event for up to 100 guests at a time. If you want to celebrate your anniversary, birthday, or any other function, booking a cinema for a private movie watching experience is certainly one of the best ideas to make your day more memorable.

Once you book the cinema, you will receive e-tickets to share with your guests. You can arrive at your chosen location half an hour before the movie starts to spend more time with your guests.

Order Food

You can order food from the menu. The cinema will serve food to you and your guests before the movie starts.

Have a Tailored Experience

What’s more, Book The Cinema also allows people to play a short video clip at the start of the movie to add a personal touch to their movie-watching experience.

Book The Cinema gives its customers more power so they can have a better time at the cinema. Visit their website today to learn more about their services.

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