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What to Look for When Choosing a Suit Tailor?

A tailor’s skills, abilities, and knowledge determine how well he designs and stitches a suit. A qualified tailor who has been working in the market for years and has a good reputation can help you get your dream suit, according to, who are arguably the best suit tailor New York has to offer.

But how do you know if the tailor you are choosing is the right tailor for you? Read these points to find how to select the right tailor who best meets your requirements.

Knowledge and expertise

Both knowledge and skills are required to design and stitch a suit, according to Reddit users. If you think that knowledge stored in books is sufficient, think again. Tailoring is an art that one needs to learn through experience and practice. A tailor needs to know how to correctly hold a pair of scissors and other tools in order to precisely craft a suit.

Therefore, when you choose a suit tailor, make sure you check his knowledge as well as experience. You can ask the tailor to show you his previous work, which will give you an idea of how skilled and trained he is. You can also ask basic questions to learn about their tailoring procedure.

How many garments are in the showroom

Usually, the number of garments hung in a tailor’s showroom indicates how often he gets work or how famous he is in the market. The more suits are hung in the showroom, the more famous he will be. Examine the showroom and check all suits. Seeing suits of different designs may also help you choose a right style for your own suit.

Tailoring type

There are different types of tailoring, for instance, made to measure and bespoke. Not all tailors are experienced enough to offer all types of tailoring. If you want a bespoke suit (which requires more skills), you should ask the tailor whether he can make it or not.

If he says he designs bespoke suits, ask him to show you suit patterns he made for the previous clients. If he shows you unique designs, he really is a bespoke tailor. But if he fails to show you different patterns, he probably does not know how to prepare bespoke suits.

The quality of the fabric

Fabrics are available in numerous materials and qualities. If you want your suit to last longer, you should select a high-quality, durable material. Do your research and find the names of popular fabric mills. If possible, buy fabric from a popular mill that people trust. Some examples of famous suit fabric mills are Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil, and Loro Piana.

Basted fitting

Basted fitting is a form of fitting in which you try on a suit that is still unfinished and has loose temporary threads. Since the suit has not been stitched yet, you can request as many changes as you want.

A basted fitting session helps in getting a perfectly fitted suit. It allows the tailor and the customer to work together and ensure measurements are correct before the suit is passed to the master tailor for the final stages of sewing.

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