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Valentine’s Day Romance – Where to Go on a Lovers’ Holiday and What to Do in Budapest?

Img Source - CN Traveler

If we already have love, let’s celebrate in Budapest, if not already, let’s find it!

Now, we offer some Valentine’s Day programs. We cannot bring down the stars for you, but we have tips on where to get some special experiences on this day.

1.Travel to the biggest Zoo of Hungary

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the Zoo is waiting for lovers with a double ticket again this year, says LonelyPlanet. Take a romantic pleasant walk and admire the cute animals, surely bringing romance back into the relationship, not to mention that it always creates an excellent opportunity for conversation.

2.St. Andrea Wine & Skybar

Elegant, world-class atmosphere for romantic couples (see TripAdvisor). We can experience this at St. Andrea Wine & Skybar, where on Valentine’s Day we can have an experience that affects all our senses on the Night of the Aphrodisiacs. Special cocktails, food and delicious chocolate are waiting for you, even tasting Taittinger Prélude champagne and fresh oysters.

3.The atmosphere at Cloe Cafe is like Valentine’s Day all year round

But in view of the holiday, we can not only meet the usual delicacies, but also gift boxes made for this occasion, heart-shaped chocolate bombs and bouquets in the flower and gift shop café. So let’s jump in here and choose something beautiful for the lady of our heart.


We can hide in the real urban jungle with our love in Twentysix on Király Street, at the exact center of the city. The inner courtyard, covered with a special transparent roof, most closely resembles a huge oasis where you can romanticize among 34 plant species, banana trees, ficus and begonias. The day of the lovers will be extended here, with special breakfast (dinner from 7.30 am to 12 noon) and dinner on February 14th and 15th. In addition to the usual delicious selection, you can taste cognac glazed with cognac and a delicious selection of cookies in the morning, and in the evening you can try the main role, oysters, tuna and a delicious chocolate dessert. How amazing this menu – so special!

5.The full moon smiles at lovers at the Svábhegy Observatory

It is finally not an empty promise, but we can truly bring the Moon and the stars to our love! Aside from the joke, we think this is a very good program, especially for couples who cannot stand traditional romance and the usual Valentine’s Day.

6. Finally, but not least, have a Budapest River Cruise!

You can have a pleasant, romantic, intimate atmosphere during our Valentine’s Day dinner, while the evening is guaranteed not to be boring, and you will only use your phones for taking some photos. You will cruise along the most beautiful sights of Budapest. (More info: Every year, on February 14, millions of people around the world present each other with various little things in the name of love and affection. These little things can be anything, even a balloon is perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift. However, if you want to give something special to your partner, a Valentine’s Day boat program will be perfect.

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