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Which API Testing Option Is Best for You?

There are numerous API testing options to pick from, but which one will work best for you and your business’ needs? We thought we’d see what’s out there and help you sort through them to find the most suitable testing solution.  

Is It Easy to Use? What Can It Do?

The API testing tool you use should be simple enough to use, but also have enough functionality to be useful as well. The testing tool should offer testing features that are very visual and that function without scripting. They should also give you data-led results, and be able to test the reusability of your application. 

You will want a testing tool that can replicate tests very quickly, and provide validation automatically, says, who are specialists in implementing Dynamics 365 solutions. It should also authenticate your application’s functions for you.

Not all API testing tools can do all of these things, which is why it is important to compare your options (see why here). If the tool is a struggle to use, even after you have been working with it for several days, it’s probably not right for you. 

Will It Improve Your Workflow?

The tool you choose should also be able to optimize your workflow for you, improving the flow of messages and making it simpler to create tests and work with data. Here are some features your testing tool ought to have to improve workflow:

  • Generating and managing test data
  • Testing logic flow
  • Overseeing events
  • Support for BBD

Will It Support Your Tech?

Any API testing tool you use will need to support the technology and formats you are using. You will want to test your application across multiple formats, and your testing tool should be able to keep up. It should also support technology that’s a little older, and be future proofed as much as possible. That may seem like a tall order, but the best API testers can do all of that.  

Check for tools that offer MQ/JMS testing, as well as database testing, SOAP testing, and REST API testing. Your testing tool should also be able to support EDI, FIX, and a variety of message formats that might not be exactly standard. 

Can It Run Automated Tests?

The API testing solution you use should be able to run tests in automation. This allows you to execute tests as needed, and the tool should offer command line execution, integration with CI, command line execution, and plugins for build system.  

Final Thoughts

It can be tough to pick the right API Tester for your business, but if you know what to look for, you can make your choice with confidence. Keep in mind that many testing tools offer free trials to start with, so you can make a more informed choice by trying some of those out. 

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