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Which Blockchain Startups Are Focused On Making A Positive Social Impact

Img Source - Analytics India Magazine

Investors have currently demonstrated that in decision making, sustainability and social impact are essential considerations to make. The environmental, social, and corporate funds surpassed the $1 trillion mark for the first time in 2020 due to increased societal and political awareness throughout the coronavirus epidemic.

Ask anybody with a personal investment in the space whether there isn’t a logical connection between impact investments and blockchain. Traders, directors, and developers are all recognized for having long-term aims resulting in both profit and societal benefit.

While the technology is still in its infancy, blockchain specialists claim that future use cases might tackle a wide range of issues, from rampant corruption to economic inequality.

Interestingly, if performed right, each of these categories might solve wealth disparity by providing underprivileged individuals with access to wealth via crypto.

The CEO of the nonprofit NFT platform, Dela Rosa, intends to create chances for gamers in developing nations to earn cryptocurrency and grow financially via video games, according to, which provides Bitcoin news updates. He also intends to make charity lucrative by utilizing NFT incentives, rewards, and virtual social currency.

According to Dela Rosa, the CEO of Leyline, play is vital to who we are as people, but our economic system has been built so that it incentivizes the wrong things.

Dela Rosa, who spent ten years at Blizzard Entertainment before creating Leyline, feels that gamifying selfless conduct in the real world outside of video games is the best method to drive it. His team intends to create an accessible decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that awards Proof-of-Good (PoG) tokens users may keep in a virtual wallet. These PoG points will access extraordinary prizes and powers within players’ virtual worlds.

It’s all about directing resources toward things that are beneficial to humanity.

According to Snap Boogie, the CEO of beauty in the streets, gaming firms get millions from dances.

Turning a dance routine into an NFT may sound abstract, says TheVerge. Still, gaming firms are already collecting dance steps they see on the street and TV. These moves are replicated without credit using digital sensors in motion studios and then transferred to the screen to be purchased and sold as in-game purchases for popular games.

By converting a dance move into an NFT, gaming firms and motion capture studios are prevented from employing tokenized movements without first acquiring the token from the artist. Because of blockchain’s open-source openness, all transactions might theoretically reside on a digital record that ties dance movements to their creators.

These possible intellectual property safeguards might apply to almost any creative sector, not just dance. NFTs, according to SX Noir, a thought leader at the nexus of sex tech and the metaverse, are a long-awaited chance for adult performers to take complete control of their labor and material.

Learning about new blockchain initiatives is the decentralized equivalent of examining specific equities for advisers. Investing in blockchain projects may not be ideal for every individual investor. Still, those with sufficient risk tolerance and portfolios may find themselves leaning toward acquiring utility tokens for projects they care about as a method to diversify.

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