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Why Refillable Vapes are Better than Pods

Whether you’re new to vapes or you’ve been vaping for a while, you’ve inevitably faced the decision between buying a refillable vape or disposable pods. Both have pros and cons, and which one is better for you depends on your preferences. However, refillables have a few more benefits than disposables, primarily because of the refillable e-liquid tank, says

1. Refillable vapes will save you more money

If you’re focused on saving money, then refillable vapes are your best bet. Many people swear by disposable pods and they’re not wrong, but they’re spending more money than they need to just for the sake of convenience.

Here’s why most people choose disposable pods:

·  They’re convenient and easy

·  There’s less work involved to get new e-juice

·  The pods can be thrown away or recycled

·  They’re one step up from fully disposable vapes

These are nice perks, but there’s just one problem: the cost. If you’ve ever bought disposable pods, you’ve probably noticed a significant increase in the price tag. That’s the price you pay for convenience.

It costs manufacturers more to create sealed, disposable pods for vaping than it does to create liquid refills for standard vapes. Companies pass this cost onto the consumer, which means you’re automatically going to pay more for a disposable vape.

The average vaper using disposable pods spends around $180 per month, which amounts to $2,160 per year. People who use refillable vapes spend an average of $380 per year. The difference is massive.

If you’re not keen on paying higher prices, or you’d just like to save money wherever you can, then refillable vapes are ideal. However, saving money isn’t the only reason to choose refillable over disposable pods.

2. Refillable vapes are more environmentally-friendly

Anything that gets thrown away eventually that has any element of toxicity isn’t exactly environmentally-friendly, but in today’s society, there’s no way around it. Almost everything we use in our daily lives is going to have to be thrown out at some point, including items that can cause harm to the environment. However, there are better options that can drastically reduce the impact. That’s what makes refillable vapes better than disposable pods. If everyone switched to refillable vapes, it would eliminate a massive portion of toxicity being dumped into landfills every day.

According to reports, 4.5 disposable vapes are thrown out in the U.S. every second, and in the UK, they’re tossed at a rate of 2 per second, which amounts to over 30 tons of lithium total. That figure doesn’t include the disposable pods, which are sent to the landfills by the millions every year. Vapes that get thrown away in full or in part are not environmentally-friendly.

Some states, including Illinois, consider used nicotine packages, like vape pods, to be toxic waste. However, there are no laws that regulate these waste products when included in a vaping pen. Most people just toss them into the trash, which puts landfill workers at risk and harms the environment. After a while, the accumulation of these disposable pods can end up leeching the waste into the groundwater.

If preserving the environment is one of your priorities, then using a refillable vape is ideal. Even if disposable pods continue to remain popular, you’ll know you’re doing your part.

3. You have access to flavors

One of the main concerns with vaping has been access to a variety of flavors. For many people, they like what they like and some flavors just don’t make the cut. Having specific flavor preferences is natural, and you don’t have to worry about being unable to get a good flavor just because you’re using refillable e-juice.

Perhaps in the past when vaping wasn’t as popular, it was hard to get good flavors for refillable devices, but that’s not the case today. Most manufacturers offer the same flavors for their pods and refillable e-juice and you can find just about any flavor you want in either form.

4. Refillable vapes come with large tanks

If you vape often, you might be wondering if a refillable vape will last for a while before you have to refill the tank. Since it takes a little more effort to refill compared to swapping out a pod, it’s nice to have a larger tank. That’s not a problem because refillables come with larger tanks.

Refillable vapes have a clear advantage

It’s clear that refillable vaping devices are the better choice when you want to save money and take care of the environment. However, you don’t need to rule out disposables altogether. Many people use both, but you’re better off choosing the refillable kind as your main vape.

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