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Why VoIP Can Help You Boost Sales in 2022

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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a communications solution you might have heard of. In 2022, why not upgrade from your regular telephone line and step into the next generation of telecommunications?

Not only does it offer more flexibility and ease-of-use through hosted VoIP solutions, it offers a highly affordable telecommunications option guaranteed to save you money.

Additionally, here’s why VoIP can enable you to boost your sales in 2022.

Unveil Brand New Sales Opportunities

VoIP can be integrated with your existing CRM systems (source). Whenever you receive a call from a customer, you’ll be able to see their purchase histories.

Learn the art of upselling and use this vital customer information to make more money per customer.

Break into New Markets

Expanding internationally has never been simpler. You no longer need a physical presence in a new market.

VoIP allows you to use virtualized numbers, so you can allow customers to call you from their country without the need to pay costly international rates.

Want to serve Europe? You can do so from the US without ever stepping foot there.

Be an International Business Locally

It’s a known fact that one of the advantages of local businesses is customers feel valued. They would rather deal with someone next door than a faceless corporation.

Give your brand the impression of always being local by using virtual phone numbers with your VoIP system.

Choose the right provider and your prospects will always think they’re dealing with a local business.

Appear More Professional

The right impressions are everything when it comes to making a sale. The best VoIP systems come with auto-attendant features that give off the impression that you’re bigger than you are.

What looks better to a prospect? Calling a number and being transferred to a department or dealing with someone who has multiple other people talking to customers in the background.

Retain Your Customers by Offering a Personalized Service

Personalization is one of the foundations of retaining customers.

It’s much cheaper to retain a customer than it is to find a completely new customer. VoIP plugs right into your customer records, so whenever a customer calls you’ll identify them immediately and be able to offer a personalized service.

Full CRM integration can enable you use your VoIP system to continually reward customers and ensure they stay loyal.

Contact Your Customers the Way they Want

Not everyone wants to engage in a voice call. Others prefer SMS messaging and live chat services. VoIP brings together all the different available channels, says BT.

Now your customers can interact with you however they want, and at no extra cost to your business.

Closing Thoughts – Boost Your Sales in 2022

VoIP can be the key to elevating your business in 2022. It requires a minimal amount of hardware to install, and with hosted services you can let someone else handle the maintenance of your VoIP systems.

That doesn’t just mean you can make more sales, but you can free up your staff to do what they do best.

Have you considered installing VoIP yet? If not, we’d highly recommend engaging the services of

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