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You May Not Need to Buy a Nanny Cam

Do you have a new baby, and do you want to make sure the baby is safe while you sleep, or when you leave your child with a babysitter? One of the best ways to do that is with a nanny cam, which gives you peace of mind while it monitors your child. Some of these nanny cams have motion detectors built in that can activate the audio or video streaming function when they detect your baby moving. Did you know that there is an app that can do all that with your old Android phone?

That’s right, and it is Home Security IP Camera, which transforms an unused phone into a powerful security device. 

How Your Phone Can Be a Nanny Cam

The technology that allows this app to connect two devices is pretty amazing. It takes your current phone and uses it as a remote control for the phone you are leaving at home as a security camera for the baby’s room. You don’t even need to have internet on the old phone, and yet the two phones can still talk to each other and you can get streaming video from the stationary phone. 

Set the Android smartphone up anywhere in the child’s room and modify the settings to your liking to get started. Make sure the IP Webcam app is installed, of course, and then go ahead and activate settings like motion detection, if your phone has that capability. 

The app will work with the functions that are already a part of the phone, activating the flashlight and audio functions remotely, as you need them. You can remotely access the alarm and video streaming features of your phone, making that device a fully functioning nanny camera.  

Is It Better Than a Nanny Cam?

How does the IP Camera app and your old Android phone compare to a dedicated nanny cam? Well, first of all, you won’t have to buy a nanny cam, so this method is much cheaper. You can just use your existing Android phone that you might not even be using. 

Secondly, you get all sorts of features with your phone that might not be available in a traditional nanny cam, like the alarm and flashlight, for example. Plus, the streaming video and remote control are very useful and are things that are not included in every nanny camera. You may find more sophisticated nanny cams out there, but you probably aren’t missing out on any functionality by using your old Android phone. This app is just that good, and it makes it easy to monitor your child remotely, giving you peace of mind.

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